Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Headache - One sided headache - Head numbness

Headache - One sided headache - Head numbness

Most of the people might have headache or head numbness - this is a common problem, most of the people will wait for a day and even if they still have a headache, then they take tablet or consult a doctor. We have a home remedy for you - preparation and items required are very simple. You can make when ever you require.

Items Required
1. Anise [Soamp]
2. Poppy seeds [Gasagasalu]
3. Cardamom [Elachi]
4. Pure Cow Ghee [Aavu Neyyi]

Preparation Process
1. Take 50grms of Anise, 50grms of Poopy Seeds and 50grms of Cardamom
2. Fry one item by one till it become light brown color
3. Take all the 3 together and grind to make it powder.
4. Add very little water to and grind to make a thick paste
5. Add 60grms of Pure Cow Ghee and mix well

1. Apply this paste to head and massage it well
2. Wait for 60mins after massage
3. Go for hot water boath after 60mins #1.

This will relax your brian nerves and give you lot peace and pleasure.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memory Power & Concentration

Many people bother about their kids and children thinking how to improve the memory power or concentration of their kids - here is the tip for those mothers

Items Required
1. Almonds [Badam Pappu] - 4 in Numbers
2. Black Peppercorns [Miriyalu] - 4 in Number
3. Sugar Candy [Kanda Chekkara] - as required for your kid.

1. Keep Almonds in water for 30mins
2. Powder the Peppercorns
3. Powder the Sugar Candy
4. All the above powder it and mix it with water and drink everyday.

Feet Cracks

Feet Cracks is a common problem across most of the india women, in guruji's one of his episods he explained a remedy

Items Requires
1. Cumin Seeds [Zeera] - 100grms
2. Coriander Powder [Daniya Powder] - 100grms
3. Sugar Candy [Kanda Chakkara] - 100grms

Preparation Process
1. Powder all the three items

1. Take one table spoon of powder and mix with water and drink daily.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ladies Problems

White Discharge and Red Discharge
Items Required :-

1. Big Banana [Arati pandu] - 1
2. Goose Berry or Amla powder[Usirika Podi] - as needed
3. Honey [Tene] - as needed
Process :-
Make a hole in middle of banana from top with finger.Pour the Amal powder into the hole of banana and close the hole.
Usage :-
Take some Honey in plate dip this banana in the honey and eat,do this for some day untill ur problem is rectified.

Chest Improvement
Items Required:-
1. Milk [Paalu]

2. Sesame oil [Nuvvulu Noone]

3. Sugar [Chakkara]

4. Cow Clarified Butter [Avvu Neyyi]

5. Buffalo Clarified Butter []

Process :-
Mix all this in luke warm milk.
Usage :-
Make children to drink this milk daily,this will improve there chest.

Thin People

People who are thin and want to be beautifull all they have to do is
Items Reuired :-
1. Milk[paalu] - 20grms
2. Clarified Butter [Neyyi] - 10grms
3. Honey [Tene] - 20grms
4. Sugar [chakkara] - 20grms
Process :-
Mix all this into one.
Usage :-
Take this daily before sleep.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Head Ache

Hair Oil For Head Ache
Items Required :-
1. Aloe vera gel [Kalabanda Gujju]- 250gms
2. Coconut oil [Kobbari Noone]- 250gms

process :-
1. Take the aloe vera gel from natural aloe vera plant and clean it in water.
2. Mix the aloe vera gel in coconut oil and place it on the stove on small(low) flame.
3. Let the gel get evaporated into the coconut and only the oil is left.
4. Make it boil until the oil is left with 250gms.
Note :- Make sure that you are away from oil when it is boiling and the oil is on the low flame.

Usage :-
-> Use this oil as hair oil as required atleast twice a week.

Ear Infection

Ear Infection oil (Athreya thailum )

Items Required :-
1. Carom Seeds (or) Thymol Seeds [Vaamu] -10gms
2. Turmeric Powder [Pasupu]-10gms
3. Radish guice [Mullangi Rasam]- 75gms
4. Sesame oil [Nuvvulu Noone]-250gms

Process :-
1. Radish guice is nothing but take some water and radish in mixer and filter the guice.
2. Mix Radish guice, Carom seeds, Turmeric powder in Sesame oil and mix it well.
3. Keep the oil on stove on low flame still the water evaporates and only oil is left.
4. For an idea the oil after boiling should be 250 gms.
Note :- Be away from oil when it is boiling and make sure it is on low flame.

Usage :-
-> Keep this oil in a small ear drop bottle and use it when ever u get ear infection.
-> Use 1 drop for children and 2 drops for elders.